Beef and rice

Recipe introduction

Beef in Japanese Style rice (Niu Jing) is one of Japan's fast food culture, in a bowl filled Steamed Rice then put cooked beef. For the other half cooked it will upgrade it, with more expensive and delicious steak, with Japanese vinegar juice, and cow fat incense mixed with rice is very tasty.


1.Prepare a small bowl, add soy sauce, Jiang Rong, sushi vinegar and sugar.

2.Slowly add olive oil to mix emulsion

3.With the fire hot pot, add half cooked butter to melt, add and steak, sprinkle a little salt and black pepper

4.Fried to the desired degree of cooked. Dish up for 5 minutes

5.The plain white rice dish

6.The steak cut into pieces and put it in plain white rice.

7.With Japanese vinegar juice

8.The steak on the remaining butter into

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