French baked steak

Material Science

Cattle The outer ridge, salt, Pepper powder, Carrot, tomato, Geranium, Onion Silk, Ketchup


1, beef sirloin wash, cut ribs, chopped into a wafer, with salt, pepper for a moment.

2, shred onion, sliced carrot, tomato.

3, 5 into the hot oil in pan, put the flour steak until after the Yellow yards into the tray.

4, with the remaining oil and the onion silk, carrot slices, stir-fry until the Yellow leaves.

5, put tomato sauce and cook until the oil was red.

6, then add tomato pieces, Beef Consomme.

7, the fire after boiling add salt seasoning, pour in the steak, finally put the oven cooked. Eat with fried potatoes.

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