Cold Brew
Cold Brew
Cold Brew
Cold Brew
Cold Brew
Cold Brew

Cold Brew

  • Wancle's portable electric cold brew coffee maker lets you enjoy flavor, refreshing cold brew coffee at home or on the go, just the way you like it—brews in under 15 minutes
  • COLD BREW MADE EASY: One-touch operation allows you to quickly and easily brew tasty cold brew coffee without 12 hours+ long wait of traditional brew ways.
  • SPACE SAVING DESIGN: The compact narrow and lightweight design fits and stores into small spaces making it easy for portability for use on vacations, dorms, offices, or small kitchens.
  • EXTRAORDINARY QUALITY: Wancle's revolutionary brewing system provides a one-of-a-kind experience that combines a smooth taste,low acid body and rich crema.
  • THOUGHTFUL GIFT: Is your favorite coffee connoisseur in pursuit of the perfect brew? Wancle's cold brew coffee maker will end their search!

Product Details


Start your day with Wancle. Refreshing cold brew coffee will help you conquer the day!

Size: 8.66in * 3.54in (22cm * 9cm)
Capacity: 20oz (600ml)
Rated Voltage:5.0 VDC
Rated Power:4 W
Material: Borosilicate Glass, Food Grade
BPA Free

Cold Brew Coffee In 4 Simple Steps:
1. Remove the body of the product out of the cup and add an appropriate amount of drinking water (Within the MIN(480ml) and MAX(600ml)).
2. Twist and take the filter component down.
3. Insert the stopper and add an appropriate amount of ground coffee. (32g~40g)
(Please do not sprinkle the coffee powder outside the filter, otherwise it may damage the machine.)
4. Reset the coffee maker and press the switch for 2 seconds to start brewing.