Japanese Salmon Rice

Aug 08, 2017
Recipe introduction
Meal time is coming, whether in the kitchen friends for the afternoon to eat what trouble? Home if I have salmon ingredients, let's begin cooking Japanese salmon meal, both the Steamed Rice satiety, but also can enjoy the delicious taste of salmon. Pink salmon collocation Steamed Rice together cooking, visually more full of healing ~ beauty is the so-called delicious wow
ready stock:
1, the kelp and wash the scallops, add water and the amount of Japanese soy sauce, in the pot and simmer until the water boiled for a period of time.
2, the soup to the boil after a period of time can put up kelp soup is not too sticky. Out of the kelp can be made into salad or other delicious.
Fried salmon:
In 1, salmon with some salt, pickled.
2, the Salmon Fried to a little color to pot. Don't be cooked, not boiled together with rice is too old.
began to cook salmon meal:
1, cooked soup and wash the rice into the rice pot, the same proportion of Tommy and general electric cooker (about 1:1)
2, the pot cover double lid, open fire boil, about 8-10 minutes later, when the smoke can put the fire hole close to the smallest or turn off, then add salmon.
3, after the salmon cover good double lid, open the minimum fire to cook for about ten minutes later, can shut the fire.
4, a few minutes and then open the lid and simmer, stirring spoon, salmon, scallops and rice can be made more uniform, more soft rice, sprinkle with chopped green onion is complete.